gmail-logo-1920-800x450For the last two years, we’ve seen Gmail Ads n one form or another.  They used to be known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) and have existed within a unique advertising platform.  But now, as of earlier this month, Gmail Ads has finally been integrated into AdWords.

The switch from the original GSP platform to the AdWords interface has come with some notable changes for advertisers, although the experience for consumers will remain unchanged.  If you’re an SEM who is already familiar with AdWords, you’ll probably find it an easy and intuitive transition.  Of course, there could be others who are trying hard to figure out how to manage their Gmail Ads within a new system.

So what has changed with this new integration of Gmail Ads into AdWords?  In a column by  on Marketing Land, you’ll find out.  Also, she has a guide that details how to set up this new ad type within the AdWords interface.  Check it out below:

Gmail Ads: What’s New (And Not New) With This Native Ad Type


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