Google-Logo-plain-featuredAre you selling products online?  If so, I’m sure one issues has come up at least once for your business.  Should yous advertise everything on your Google product listing ad campaigns, or should you only focus on the top selling and high margin items?  Both choices certainly sound reasonable in their own way.

But which one is the better choice for your business?  In an article written by , it is mentioned that  a team at PLA management platform, Adchemy, decided to do a study to see if advertisers could actually benefit from small volume conversions across a broad range of products when advertising the entire catalog in PLAs.

What did they find in their results?  Check out Ginny’s post on Search Engine Land to find out!  Follow the link below to check out her post.

Search Engine Marketing: Go Deep: Product Listing Ad Campaigns That Just Focus On Top Sellers Get Short Changed