Where Do You Go When You’ve Maxed Out SEM?

SemSo, you’re a search engine marketer?  If you are, you know how difficult it can be to get the stats that you really want.  It can be especially frustrating when you put in long hours in front of the computer working on something like AdWords, and you realize that there are suddenly no more new keywords to add, or landing pages to fix up.  It feels that you’ve pretty much hit the ceiling, and you can’t go much higher.  This was the case several years ago, because you didn’t have many options.  There weren’t many channels you could reach out to get help from.

But wait!  There’s hope!

Now you can find a number of channels that you can use as a marketer to help drive a significant volume of traffic to your site.   gives us five alternatives to basic SEM that could help increase that ceiling level and increase the numbers coming to your site.

What are they you ask?  David’s full article can be found on Search Engine Land, and you can follow the link below to read it!

Search Engine Land: Where Do You Go When You’ve Maxed Out SEM?