On January 29, GoDaddy announced that it acquired Over, a mobile app designed for SMBs and entrepreneurs that lets them quickly create content for social media platforms, email and websites. According to a company spokesperson, the capabilities provided by this app will be integrated into GoDaddy’s Website + Marketing platform in the future.

Even though the app was picked up by GoDaddy, it will continue to stand on its own as an app, and is currently available on both Apple and Google’s app store. New features will continue to be developed for the app as well.

Over is a popular app that is an easy to use content creation tool that has over a million monthly active users with 220,000 projects created every day by SMBs. By integrating the app’s features into the Website + Marketing product suite into GoDaddy’s platform, “non-designers” will probably be able to make content that can be used on their GoDaddy-built website, as well as their company’s social pages. Email marketing efforts could also be affected as well.

SourceAmy Gesenhues