Last year, GoDaddy might have sat out last year’s big game, but this year, it is returning to this year’s Super Bowl and is focusing their campaign on the brand’s latest product launch, “GoCentral,” which is a website development platform that comes with marketing and e-commerce tools.

GoDaddy made the announcement back in December that they would be a Super Bowl LI advertiser, even though they waited until to day to release four Super Bowl LI teaser ads.  Each of these spots runs about ten seconds and are all riffs on viral videos, such as “what color is the dress” image and the “sneezing panda” video.

“Driving viewers to the website with a digital extension is a tactic we’ve been using for many years, but the way we engage viewers with the 2017 digital extension won’t look anything like what you’ve seen from us in the past,” said GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman in a news release from December when the brand announced its return to the Super Bowl, “This is more than a simple brand play. This year, we’re going to take viewers on a fun ride that engages them around our latest product.”

The announcement said that the campaign has been developed by Bullish Agency, and will be he first GoDaddy Super Bowl campaign that focuses on a product launch versus brand awareness.

According to the brand, its official 30 second Super Bowl spot will air before the game during CBS’s primetime special, “Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2017” on January 31st.  Here are the four teaser ads:




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