competitorsCompetition will always be around.  We’ve always been competing since the days of the caveman.  It will always insure the best comes out on top, generally leaving the weak behind.  In business, competition will be seen as a good thing, especially when it comes to the consumer.  When two similar brands or businesses compete for the consumer’s interest, not only does the products and services become better and better over time, but the  consumer wins in the end.  So basically, competition can be a good thing, even though it can be difficult for those directly involved in the competitive battle between businesses.

When it comes to online marketing, it would be pretty easy to say that we are in competition with other online entities and businesses that are in the same market as us.  But could it be that we aren’t really in competition with them at all?

Now, before you start, here’s a thought.  What if, instead of being in direct competition in the online market with all of your rival businesses, you are actually in competition with any entity that is competing with us for virtual real estate in the search results.

In an a post by , the entity that he speaks of is Google itself.  When you look at a SERPs on Google, you you’ll notice that a lot of real estate can be taken up on the page, and that’s something that you have to compete with.  Being able to place your site on a reasonable place on those SERPs is the hard part.  Especially when you are in the frame of mind of competing with Google itself.

Nathan’s post, “Why It’s Good To Compete With Google,” discusses particular points, such as how to compete over searcher intent, how to use searcher intent to your advantage, and how to go with the flow when dealing with Google.

Check out Nathan’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Why It’s Good To Compete With Google