Google: 82% Of Super Bowl Ad Searches Happened On Mobile, Up From 70%

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Google-logoAccording to Google, 82 percent of all the TV ad-driven searches during the Super Bowl occurred on smartphones.  Though this isn’t surprising in the least, considering the last year or so of growing mobile dominance in marketing and over all consumer usage, this is a 12-point jump from last year, when 70 percent of Super Bowl ad-related searches across Google and YouTube came  from phones.

This year, only 11 percent of searches related to ads aired during the big game happened on desktop/laptop.  Seven percent of these searches happened on tablets.

Google said that the ads have driven over 7.5 million incremental searches during the Broncos-Panthers game, which is 40 percent higher than the lift last year’s Super Bowl advertisers saw in search.

It was the first two quarters of the game that saw the highest levels of searches driven by Super Bowl TV ads.  But it the ads-related searches fell during the second half of the game, where the score remained tight between the Broncos and the Panthers.  This seems to be a trend, as this is what happened last year during the previous game.


For more evidence that a close game seems to drive less TV ad searches, during the 2014 Seahawks/Broncos game, audiences grew bored when the Seahawks were stomping the Broncos, winning 43 to 8.  It was during this lack of tension in the game when searches for ad content rose in the second half of the game.

When we look at the incremental life that Super Bowl advertisers received in brand-related searches across Google and YouTube, the winner looks to be Audi with their “Commander” ad.  Overall, it looks like automotive brands got top completely dominated the chart.  Out of the five brands to reach the top spots, our of them were automotive manufacturers.  These brand included Audi, Acura, Honda and Kia.  The only other automotive manufacturer to grace the top ten list of brands during the big game was Jeep, but that brand hit number ten on the list.

Here are the 2016 Super Bowl brand ads that had the greatest volume of searches:


Source – Ginny Marvin

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