Google Abandoning Third-Party Cookies?

Google algorithm changes For well over a month, it’s been reported that Google could replace the old third-party cookies with its own online identifier system, called AdID.  The reason for wanting to make this change is to better help marketers to track people’s online behavior, and better target their advertising efforts.

What does this mean?  AdID would be transmitted to advertisers and ad networks, after agreeing to some basic guidelines,and would help give consumers more privacy and control over how they browse the web.  With Google in control of this new system, they can automatically reset the AdID each year.  It even looks as if users will be given the chance to create a second AdID.  This would mean that they could create browsing sessions that they would prefer to keep private.

 has written an article for Marketing Land that looks into AdID and what it could mean for everybody who uses Google.  That means just about everybody.

Check out James’ full article on Marketing Land by following the link below: