Google-Map-MakerDue to the recent map vandalism and the like that took place on Google’s Map Maker, causing it to get to get shut down, the search company is finally getting ready to reopen it.  Because of the mischief that took place while Map Maker was open, Google is instituting a new moderation procedure that will rely on community moderation than on in-house Google personnel.

Google said this in support of the new approach:

“We have come to the conclusion that of all the defenses available to keeping our maps clean, the interest of a community of well-intentioned users, is among the most reliable and fast.”

On Monday, Google said that the tool will be reopened in phases, starting early next month.  Google will seek “qualified Regional Lead candidates” who will modify any edits made in Map Maker.  There are going to be edits that will still need to be reviewed and approved by Google operators, but a majority of Map Maker will be community moderated.


Because of the community moderation, Google said that implementation of edits will delay edits somewhat.  It looks like the changes made to the reopening of Map Maker has come in response to community requests to give local editors more control and autonomy.

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