Google Adds College Search Knowledge Panel

According to an announcement, Google is coming out with a new search feature that is designed to help would-be college students find the perfect school.  By searching for college-related topics on the search engine, Google will now how you more ways to “explore educational options and find a college that meets your needs.”

In order to give searchers a more complete picture, Google will display the cost of going to college for both parents and students, as well as show information about the average cost after student aid, including breakdowns by household income.

Not only that, results will show “graduation rates as well as typical annual income 10 years after enrollment, designed to help you better understand the potential outcomes of attending that school,” Google said. Also included are enrollment rates, stats about the student body, notable alumni and similar colleges.

Google has said that it “worked with education researchers and nonprofit organizations, high school counselors, and admissions professionals to build an experience to meet your college search needs, and we will continue to focus on how we can better improve access to information about educational opportunities.”

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