A new set of filters around event markup in the search appearance filter has been added by Google in Google Search Console‘s performance report.  With this new filter, you can see how well your event listings in Google search are doing in web search.

Not only is there the search appearance compare or filter rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings, job details and web light results, you can now even see how this by events in search.

Here is the search appearance option showing the new event filters:

Listing and details will show up in Google search results when you use the event markup on your event landing pages.  It’s then possible that Google could display richer search results with the events from your web site.  Here is would it could look like in Google search:

The initial short list view is on the left and the details view is on the right

You’ll see click, impression, position data as well as the URL of the provider shown in both the List view and Details view. Google explains the full set of metrics in detail on these help documents.

The search performance report will show you how well you’re doing in Google search.  It displays what keywords are ranking for which URLs in Google search.  It’s possible to break out just event listings or event detail pages with these new filters.

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