Joining the women-led and veteran-led icons, Google has added a brand new attribute option to the Google My Business profiles for businesses.  Enter the new family-led icon for your Google local listings.  This new attribute is available to be selected when you edit your business information in the Google My Business center.

This is an offshoot of the women-led attribute and the veteran-led attribute that both launched earlier.

When a a business adds this attribute to their Google local listing, they will see a special family-led icon in their business listings in Google Search And Google Maps.

If your business has any of these characteristics, adding one o these three attributes will help your business stand out more in search results.  This can be great for your business, as it could end up resulting in even more business for you in the end.

I you want to add this icon to your business listing, just go to Google My Business and select your business.  After that, click on the “info” tab on the left-hand side, and go to the “Add Attributes” section on the pencil icon.  There, you will see a new window pop up, which will allow you to click on the “+Women-led” button t apply it to your business listing.

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