Google is improving its flight and hotel search features on mobile, aiming to make it easier to plan travel, regardless of the size of the screen that users are on.

Beginning on February 7, there are several new features that will roll out across Google’s mobile travel search experience.  According to the announcement, the updates will include better price-filtering options, easy to find amenity information, as well as the ability to book a hotel stay directly on Google.

Not only are there more hotel search features, Google has designed a better navigation experience between hotel and flight information.

“In the next few days, you’ll see that if you search for a flight in Google Flights, you can click right in to ‘Hotels’ at the top of the page,” writes Google’s director of travel product management, Eric Zimmerman, “This lets you easily click over to check hotel availability and prices in your destination city for the dates you’ve already selected.”

The feature is going to work both ways, so if you search for a hotel, you can access the “Flights” tab for pricing option.

“The same options appear if you want to learn about a specific place, or when searching for things to do there. Let’s say you’re checking out a trip to Sydney. You can now easily click to browse available hotels or flights while you’re exploring the destination,” writes Zimmerman.

Google will even add a “More Destinations” feature via the “Explore” tab to showcase an expanded list of travel destination ideas.  There is even a “Your Trips” tab that displays an at-a-glance information for upcoming travel that is attached to the user’s Gmail account.

“You can email your trip reservations to friends or family right from Your Trips, and also make edits and access them directly offline with the Google Trips app (Android, iOS) when you’re traveling.”

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