Since the release of its ob listing search feature in June of this year, Google has updated the function so that new details about open positions will show up in search results.

In the announcement made on the Google Search Blog, salary information, location settings and application choices are now able to be added to display directly in search along with the job posting.

From the blog post:

Now, based on feedback from job seekers, we’re introducing some new features to help make the process more efficient. Directly in Search, you can access salary information for job postings, improved location settings, job application choices, and in a couple of weeks, the ability to save individual jobs.

With these new features now in place, people who are searching for jobs will see estimated pay ranges for positions based on things such as job title, location and the company posting the job.  One of the other filters you can choose from is the location filter,  so this way, job searches can be limited to posting within a certain area.

Google is also displaying all the websites where applicants can apply for a job if the position is listed in multiple places across the web.  Soon, Google will add a “Saved Jobs” tab to book mark job postings.

The idea behind the Google for obs initiative is that the job listing function is making it possible for employers to have open positions listed directly in search results.  60 percent of employers are currently showing jobs in search since it was rolled out five months go.

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