An announcement has been made by Google regarding a new knowledge graph card for news publishers in which searchers can learn more about a specific news publication directly in the search results.

According to Google, this is going to help searchers learn about “a publication you’re not familiar with or one you wanted to learn more about.”  The knowledge panel even gives searchers faster access to information about a publisher and can help Google address the misinformation and fake news issues that the company has been fighting for a while now.

The news publisher knowledge graph shows things such as topics the publisher commonly covers, major awards that they’ve won, and claims that have been made by the publisher that have been reviewed by third parties.

The following screen shot of the feature is from Google:

The explanation by Google is that there isn’t any way to directly control which publishers are able to surface the new knowledge graphs and what information is shown.  But, the company is offering the following tips:


Like search results, many factors go into what’s shown in the Knowledge Panel. Publishers that consistently create fresh, news-related online content can improve their chances of having a Knowledge Panel.

These knowledge panels aren’t going to influence how a site ranks in the search results.

There are other tabs of content that can be shown in the news publisher knowledge panel in Google’s search results.  These tabs include:


  • Writes about: Topics that are frequently covered by the publisher.
  • Awards: Notable awards that the publisher has received.
  • Reviewed claims: This shows up when a significant amount of a publisher’s recent content has been reviewed by an authoritative fact-checker.

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