Google has added a new “save” feature, which is accessible under a new hamburger menu, navigation drawer.  This is located on the left side of the Google home page on your mobile device.  You are able to save places, itineraries, images, and web page while using Google on your mobile device.  This feature can be accessed by going to the “save” button on the navigation drawer.

This is what will show for the first time when you go to that “save” section:

The hamburger menu is available throughout Google search and other section on Google

As an example,  the share button was replaced with a save button for the local panel as well.

This is what a Google spokesperson said:

“We’ve created a new tool so you can collect and keep track of things that interest you more easily. When you see the bookmark icon appear, you’ll have the ability to save images, itineraries, and places you visit in Google Search on the mobile web. To access your inventory, just tap ‘Saved’ in the navigation drawer on any mobile search results page.”

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