Google announced it has added features to assist you plan trips, flights and hotels stays for your vacations or business trips.  A number of the features revolve around how to save money or track prices for a travel destination.  Google has been testing these features over the past month.  Because of this, they probably don’t appear new to some people.

These new “tips” are showing under the flight search results to show you ways to save money for that trip.   Google says it uses “machine learning and statistical analysis of historical flights data, Flights displays tips under your search results, and you can scroll through them to figure out when it’s best to book flights.”

Here is a screen shot:

Google may display a new tip above search results when room rates are higher than usual, or if that area is busier than usual, due to things like holidays, business conferences, music festivals and the such.  You can subscribe to email price alerts as well – just opt into Hotel Price Tracking on your phone:

The price slider for hotel search filters was released on both desktop and mobile:

For more details on these new features, check out the Google Blog.

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