google-thumbIt’s been a month since Google first introduced best-of lists and critic reviews for local search, and now they’re adding “Reviews from the web,” which brings user-generated content from third party sites to the knowledge panel, as well as prominent placement in mobile results.

when these critic reviews were first introduced in August, there had been criticism aimed at it because prominent review sites, like Yelp or TripAdvisor had seemingly not been eligible to be included.  But reviews from the web is intended for the likes of TripAdvisor and Yelp, as the content and reviews that’s generated by consumers aren’t from “critics” and “experts.”


If users on on the desktop, they’ll find that reviews from the web will appear in the Knowledge Panel as critic reviews do.  But on mobile, they’ll appear about critic reviews and best-of-lists in a horizontal presentation.  As you can see by Google’s image above, this is how it’ll appear on a smartphone.  Any publisher that is using Schema markup for reviews are eligible to be included.

With the first version of this, there’s going to be three review sources as in the example above, and will roll out over 2 hours.  According to Google, the order is going to be determined by “relevance.”  Google also said that reviews from the web are going to appear across numerous local verticals.

Currently, the search company is collecting their own reviews.  Including Reviews from the web, it’ll now showcase three review sources, its own, critics’ reviews, and third party review sites.



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