google-thumbGoogle is now integrating Store Visits data into more AdWords reporting just ahead of the holiday shopping surge, like Black Friday.  Google is even sharing findings on mobile search trends and store traffic patterns from Black Friday weekend last year.

The Distance report, which can be found under the Dimensions tab, shows store visits based on how far away a person was from a particular store location (as shown by an advertiser’s location extensions) when the search was performed and the ad clicked on.

When it comes to store visits data, it is available in the geographic and user location reports (located from the Settings tab > Locations tab > “View location reports”), advertisers are able to see what areas are driving the highest volume of store visits.  Advertisers can also drill down to the postal code level in these reports.

By having the ability to see in this data allows advertisers close the online-to-offline loop and can be used to inform location targeting and bid adjustments for areas that are driving store visits.

If a retailer has enough ad clicks and in-store traffic volume, the will see store visits data in Search campaign reports now, and it’ll be available for Shopping campaigns soon.

Google said that, on Thanksgiving day last year, 59 percent of all mobile shopping searches occurred before 6pm when a number of stores opened their doors and in-store foot traffic started to pickup.  On Black Friday, in-store foot traffic had peaked between the hours of noon and 4pm.  The infographic blow shows more insights on Black Friday shopping.







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