Google made an announcement that markers are now able to add website links to Call Ads. Consumers will have another way to contact and engage with the business during a time when call volumes are high and wait times might be long, which would risk bad customer experiences.

Below, the mock-up shows a traditional Call Ad, with a new “visit website” link below the description. This isn’t mandatory, but optional.

Google made a point that adding the link expands the size of the Call Ad , “giving you greater visibility on the search results page.” Call Ads will appear on devices that are capable of making phone calls. Basically, this will mean smartphones, although there are tablets that can make calls.

Users visit the designated website if they click on the link. If they tap anywhere else, it will initiate a phone call. In order to include a site link, you have to add the desired URL to a new or existing ad. Marketers are reminded to track calls from their websites to get a complete reporting picture.

When Call-Only Ads launched in 2015, it was for marketers who wanted to drive phone calls, but the character count in Call Ads’ headlines and descriptions were expanded last year. The business name was moved to the beginning of the ad-description text as well.

Google argues inclusion of the new site link will result in “fewer accidental calls and more qualified leads.” The company also says, “[Y]ou can now engage consumers who may only be interested in visiting your site, and may not have previously interacted with your brand.”

According to benchmarking data from Wordstream, Call Ads typically have higher CPCs than traditional text-ads but can have lower CPAs.

SourceGreg Sterling