According to what Google has told CNBC, “there is very little search personalization” going on in the Google search results ranking right now.  Currently, the personalization being used is limited to “user’s location or immediate context from a prior search.”

Several years ago, Personalized search for search rankings was a big deal.  But these days, we don’t really see cases of this happening in search results.  There are other Google products where you’ll see it, but when it comes to the core web search, there’s barely anything.  After testing around personalization, Google said that they found it didn’t really help searchers find the content they are looking for.  Rarely did it help improve search results.

Pandu Nayak, who leads ranking at Google, said, “A query a user comes with usually has so much context that the opportunity for personalization is just very limited.”

The last time a detailed case on how Google used personalization in search was way back in 2011.  The next year in 2012, it began getting a bad rep, and competitors like DuckDuckGo used it as ammo against Google.

Based on what CNBC said, Google stepping back on personalization has helped them stay out of controversy that was seen by the likes of Twitter or Facebook with their news feed algorithms.

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