Some Google Ads accounts have more than a singe user logging in at any give time.Account owners can now ensure every user that does log in has enabled 2-Step Verification.

Users of Google Ads administrative-level can now implement an authentication policy for all users who have access to the account.  In an announcement made Monday by Google, the feature is now rolling out.

When enabling this feature, users how to have their own Google accounts enrolled in 2-Step Verification in order to login in to the Google Ads account.  This will add a second layer of authentication for added protection against hackers.

The user will get an authentication error if their account does not have 2-Step Verification set up.

This will affect just logins to the web user interface.  It won’t apply to AdWords API or Google Ads API Beta access.

A seperate program that Google has provides login security for higher-risk accounts, such as political teams and journalists, and any other high-profile person or people or could be subjected to targeted attacks.  The program is called the Advanced Protection Program, and users can register their Google Ads accounts with that program instead.

As an administrative owner of a Google Ads account, you will have the option to require multi-factor authentication in the Account Access section of Tools in the Google Ads interface when it rolls out.

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