The production-ready v1 of the Google Ads API is now available and ready for use.  The beta version of the Google Ads API will no longer be accessible as of April 30, 2019.

Once the April cut over date passes, beta version API requests will fail.  API users should remember to update their client libraries in order to use the v1 endpoint ahead of April 30.

According to the Google Ads team, they are working on establishing the final aspects of parity between the old AdWords API and the Google Ads API that has been replaced.  New features are even getting added to the new API.

Among the newer features, Google says the Google Ads Query Language offers more flexible querying and that querying and managing budgets is available to everyone for accounts using consolidated billing. It’s even possible to query, apply and dismiss Recommendations.

Updated client libraries and code examples will be published by March 6.

Users will have to accept the updated terms and conditions in API center.

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