Google Ads API v10 Is Now Available

On February 10 2022, Google announced the release of v10 of its Google Ads API. A caveat of using the new features of this new version of Google Ads is that advertisers have to upgrade their client libraries and client code. These libraries and code aren’t currently available until next week.

The features present in this version of Google Ads:

  • Smart Campaigns are now out of beta and generally available.
  • Performance Max campaigns now support asset group signals.
  • Support for Local Services Ads campaigns as an open beta.
  • Addition of the Audience resource, which can be used as a criterion type.
  • Addition of a new ExperimentService, which replaces the deprecated campaign experiments.
  • Addition of a new meta parameter, omit_unselected_resource_names, which can be used to make GoogleAdsService return only resource name fields that you explicitly request in the SELECT cause of your query.

Source – Search Engine Land

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