Last week, Google had released v1_1 of the Google Ads API. In order to use the newest API feaures, you have to update your client libraries. Here are some of the following key updates in v1_1.

Asset Based Display Ads – If you run asset-based ads, like responsive display ads, you’ll be able to use AssetService to manage those assets.

Call Only Headlines – headline 1 and headline 2 fields are now available for For Call Only ads.

Dynamic search ad groups – Now, you can create search dynamic ad groups with the SEARCH_DYNAMIC_ADS ad group type.

App campaigns – App campaigns, which were formerly known as Universal App campaigns, are supported by creating a Campaign and setting the advertising_channel_type to MULTI_CHANNEL and the advertising_channel_sub_type to APP_CAMPAIGN.

Conversions – It’s now possible to upload call conversions with UploadCallConversionsRequest in the ConversionUploadService. Adjust conversion uploads with ConversionAdjustmentUploadService.

Hotel Ads conversion and impression share metrics – There is a total of 15 conversion metrics available now for Hotel Ads (all_conversions, conversions_value, cross_device_conversions to name a few) and nine impression share metrics (such as search_absolute_top_impression_share, search_impression_share, search_rank_lost_top_impression_share) in HotelPerformanceView and HotelGroupView. Check out the full list here.

New recommendations – MoveUnusedBudgetRecommendation and KeywordMatchTypeRecommendation are now available as Recommendation types.

Reporting – Now available are many more metrics and segment options in reporting views, such as segments.geo_target_airport and DisplayKeywordView. They can be segmented by segments.month_of_year. Click here to see the full list.

SourceGinny Marvin