On Tuesday, paid search managers were greeted with Google’s new branding for its ads platform, known as AdWords since it first debuted in 2000.

The new Google Ads logo appears at the top of the web interface on the initial welcome page.  The Google AdWords have also been changed to appear as the Google Ads account.  Followers were transferred automatically.

Initially, the new branding only carries through in the web UI.  For the time being, users will still see AdWords branding as soon as they click “login.”  There are still some ancillary products that haven’t transitioned  yet to the new branding, the desktop tool AdWords Editor and AdWords app among them.

The new brand had been announced as part of a broader effort by Google to simplify its advertising offerings. AdWords launched as a platform for running text ads on Google Search. It has since evolved to include advertising across Search; Google Display Network, which includes apps and websites; Gmail; and YouTube. With this new Google Ads brand, it will reflect the broader offering.

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