If you are your company run a number of different accounts for your brands or product lines, Google Ads announced that cross-account analysis for Manager accounts in Report Editor is available.

The cross-account reporting, which is available for Manager accounts and lets you access and manage multiple accounts using a single manager login, allows you to analyze performance data across accounts within the Google Ads UI on desktop.

“For example, let’s say that you manage three accounts in different regions and want to look at global performance over time,” said Google. Previously, you had to export reports from all your accounts and build your own report to compare data.

Right now, it’s mainly aimed at in-house teams who manage multiple accounts since it is only available for Manager accounts with up to 10 accounts.

According to Google, they are planning to increase the limit in the future.

You can look at cross-account data with any of the predefined reports or build a custom report.

SourceGinny Marvin