Google, in an effort to help simplify settings, is making changes to two portfolio bid strategies.

Beginning in July, the target spend setting isn’t going to be an option when setting up new maximize clicks portfolio bid strategies. Rather, the strategy will utilize the average daily budgets of the campaigns in the portfolio. “Many of you have told us the target spend setting was confusing and that average daily budgets were more useful and straightforward. We’ve listened to your feedback,” Sagar Shah, a Google Ads product manager wrote in the blog post.

With the maximize clicks strategy, bids will be automatically adjusted in order to try getting as many clicks as possible within your budget or target spend. If you didn’t set a target spend, the system aimed to spend the remaining daily budget of any of the campaigns using the bid strategy.

Target spend is defined as: “the amount you’d like to spend each day on all campaigns that use this bid strategy. Unlike your budget, target spend isn’t a hard limit. Your daily spend may exceed your target spend at times.”

Legacy target spending settings will be removed automatically “later this year.” These portfolios will use your average daily budget to manage spend.

Enhanced CPC will no longer be available as a portfolio bid strategy in July as well. According to Google, there isn’t any extra benefits using eCPC as a portfolio strategy as opposed to at the campaign level. Anyone with enhanced CPC portfolios will be converted to the campaign level automatically.

SourceGinny Marvin