Google Ads Report Editor has received a brand new look, which you can find under Reports in the UI.

According to Google Ads, the data selection panel has been improved in these ways:

  • The panel is now on the right side of the report editor, giving you more space to work in your report.
  • Quickly find data fields for your report with a search function, and add or remove them with a drag and drop experience.
  • Chart icons have been added to help you visualize, pick, and configure the right chart for your report.

New features were added that will let Google Ad users format, filter ad and sort report data. Google said that with conditional formatting, , you’ll be able to create rules that will help you visual your data. You’ll also be able to filter and sort your data with some brand new dropdown menus for each field.

The last addition to Google Ads is the ability to add new data fields into your report while the report is still loading.

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Source – Google Ads