Google AdSense Now Reports Invalid Activity Payment Deductions

Adsense google It seems like we’re going to be getting more information when using Google AdSense.  Publishers who use AdSense are now able to see more details about invalid traffic from activities like accidental clicks on the ads on their sites.

On Monday, Google announced that starting with May’s payment history report, publishers can see details about the discrepancies between estimated and finalized earnings due to invalid traffic.If you look at the example report below, the publisher deducted $100 for Invalid Traffic in May.


It’s really nice seeing this type of transparency.  There will undoubtedly be publishers who will wish for more detail about the types and causes of the invalid activity.  According to Google, if a publisher sees an invalid activity that concerns them, they can look at whether the ad placements on their sites may be contributing to the activity.  Another option is to submit an Invalid Clicks Contact form if it is unusually high.

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