google-logo-874x288Are you a U.S. advertiser who uses call forwarding numbers for your AdWords call extensions?  If so, you may have already begun getting notices this week that local numbers are becoming available in many areas.  Basically, a local forwarding number uses the same area as the businesses’ phone number or area code within the same region.

In the notice, it was written:

“We understand that many businesses can benefit from featuring ads with local numbers, since people are more likely to call a number with a recognizable area code.”



If you’re utilizing call extensions in your ads that are set up to use a local number, you’ll see taht a local Google forwarding number will begin showing up.  Google is encouraging advertisers to make sure they’ve reviewed and changed the current call extensions they are using to either a toll-free or local number depending on which ever is best for the business.

If a local forwarding number isn’t available for you or your area, any ads you are using will continue to show a toll-free Google forwarding number.

This change takes place in November.  If you want to learn more, you can check out the Google support center here.

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