The newest version of AdWords Editor has been rolled out – version 12.2.  This version brings a number of new features, such as full support for promotion and video extensions, Gmail asset-based as, an a new budget-type option for videos ads.

Here is a list of features that was included in the 12.2 version update:

  • Gmail asset-based ads: Asset-based ads in Gmail are now fully supported in AdWords Editor.
  • Campaign total budgets: Video campaigns now have the option of choosing Campaign Total budget type.
  • Custom rules updated: New built-in custom rules are now available for structured snippet extensions and non-serving campaigns and ad groups.
  • Semantic location: You can now set a bid modifier to target your ads by location with AdWords Editor.
  • Promotion extensions: Promotion extensions are now fully supported by AdWords Editor.
  • Life events: “Life events” is now a category of audience targeting.
  • Video campaign extensions: All video campaign extensions are now supported.
  • Ad group level ad rotation: Ad groups can now be set so that ads rotate.
  • Expanded language targeting: Campaign language targeting is now available for Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.

You can download AdWords Editor over here.

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