dreamstime_12284938Tis the time for scary things and horror movies.  The day is finally upon us.  Halloween.  In this post, we are going to be looking at something that gets to all of us, no matter how big or little we are.  What is that one thing?


Fear is what can drive many of us to do things we probably wouldn’t do.  Fear is what allows us to survive.  When we look at big companies like Google, we are all a little afraid of what the search giant is going to do next.  When will they release the next update that is going to change everything we know about SEO again?  How will the update affect us?  That can be kind of scary.

But, as  says, Google may seem scary, but it is still a company run by people.  Like any company, it has weaknesses.  Peter knows that Google’s behavior may suggest that there are some real fears about the future.  In this article, Peter will give you some examples of fears that Google faces all the time.

What are these fears?  Check out the full article by clicking on the following link and take a good look at what scares Google:

Happy Halloween!