A number of complaints have been coming in from webmasters, developers and publishers about AMP issues in Google mobile search and within the Google Search Console.  There are some who are seeing Google show their stories in the “Top Stories” section with and without the AMP icon within minutes of each other.  There are other folks who have been noticing significant spikes in AMP errors reported within Google Search Consoles.

This seems seems to be a widespread issue and Google’s John Meuller said that he is investigating the reports.

Aside from Google sending notifications via Google Search Console that the site suddenly has issues with AMP, there are some publishers who are seeing Google show their AMP content in Top Stories in Google mobile, and then the same AMP version disappears mere minutes later.  Then the content comes right back again later.

This is even when the URL Inspection Tool shows the AMP page is valid and working fine.

Here is the same content in Google mobile search both showing the AMP logo for the page and not showing the AMP logo for the page (both images are from Search Engine Land):

The following tweet shows screenshots that shows the Search Console reports surrounding the issue:


Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter “the team here is looking into this.”

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