Google: AMP Not Yet A Search Ranking Signal

Google accelerated mobile pages According to Googler John Mueller, said this morning in a Google Hangout that AMP is not a ranking signal in the Google search ranking algorithm.  This can be found at the 15:50 mark into the video.

It was reported back in December that AMP might become a ranking signal, but as of yet, it hasn’t happened.

John said, “Is AMP a ranking signal?  At the moment, it is not a ranking signal.”

Although you can use AMP to be more mobile-friendly, just don’t look at it as a ranking signal, at least not yet.

AMP first launched early on Tuesday and will show up only in the mobile search top news box.  There’s a chance that Google could expand AMP beyond the news box, and if/when it does, it could then possibly become a ranking signal.

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