A new ability has been added by Google to filter etween AMP pages that are displayed in the rich cards section, such as in the top news carousel, versus AMP pages that show up in the core-mobile search results.  This report filter can be accessed within the Google Search Console, and is found under the Search Analytics report sections where it shows the search appearance filter.

Google wrote on Google+, “to make it easier to differentiate between how your AMPs are being shown, you can now filter between AMP article rich results & normal search results shown as AMP.”


Although there was an AMP filter here before, Google added it back in May.  But once Google brought AMP to the core mobile results, The AMP filter didn’t include the core results.  It ended up only reporting on the top carousel section.  This ends up fixing that, as well as gives you a more granular look at how AMP pages are performing in the top news carousel versus the core mobile results.

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