Google Analytics has announced that a new feature for Predictive Audiences and Predictive Metrics has surfaced. It is part of their Beta for App + Web properties. Because of this, it is not available for normal Analytics situation.

Predictive Audiences

Users can now see new audiences, based off two audience types – likely buyers and likely churning purchasers. This can be found within the Audience Builder.

These can create specifications for things including “Likely first-time 7-day purchasers” or “Likely 7-day churning purchasers.”

This new audience is similar to Facebook’s conversion goal.

Linked Ads and Analytics accounts can import these audiences for bidding and targeting.

Predictive Metrics

Predictive metrics can help you analyze data in ways that may better help you shape your marketing campaigns in the future.

You can find this feature in the Analysis module, and aims to show you things like when marketing campaigns give you users who have the highest purchase probability.

Here are the requirements for Predictive Metrics:

  • Equal populations for users who bought and users who did not. The minimum size is 1,000 users in each bucket.
  • Sustained audience quality over a period of time, versus a situation that fluctuates wildly.

The metrics for each model will be generated by user, once time per day. If the model quality doesn’t meet the above, the predictions will become unavailable.

SourceSusan Wenograd