There is a new update to Google Analytics, one that adds bot traffic to be filtered out of reports for Web + App properties automatically.

“In App + Web properties, traffic from bots and spiders is automatically excluded. This ensures that your Analytics data, to the extent possible, does not include events from known bots.”

This news was first shared by Charles Farina on Twitter:

bot traffic is identified by using a combination of internal research and the International Spiders and Bots list, which has been maintained by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Now, automatic filtering of bot traffic from Web + App properties are enabled by default. You can not turn this off.

According to Google, site owners won’t be able to see how much bot traffic was excluded.

There is no explanation as to why Google decided to crack down on bot traffic for Web + App properties all of a sudden, nor did the company say why site owners can’t see how much bot traffic those properties are getting.

Not being able to filter bot traffic by default is quite a change from how bot filtering is handled on other Google Analytics properties.

If your Google Analytics account has a Web + App property, make sure make an annotation about the switch to automatic bot filtering.

Google Analytic’s Bot Filtering

Bot filtering is available for regular web properties in Google Analytics, although it is a setting that a site owner has to manually turn on. Not only that, site owners have the ability to set up separate views in Google Analytics, so they can compare data with and without bot traffic.

Google is usually fairly transparent about bot traffic, while at the same time allowing site owners the ability to filter how they would like.

SourceMatt Southern