Google AnalyticsAs much as we all use Google Analytics (GA), it’s got to be the best way to get your data for SEO, right?  After all, everybody uses it.  Aside from GA, what other Analytics service do you use?  More often than not, GA will probably be the big answer.  This year at Brighton SEO, a bold statement was made by one of the speakers.

“Delete Google Analytics.”

Here comes the collective gasps.  Wait for it.

There it is.

Before you throw a fit over that quote, it is probably a good idea to get some background information first before you riot.  The quote came from Ammon Johns, a guy who has had a lot of experience in SEO.  20 years of experience to be exact.  Suffice it to say, that’s a lot of time to build up a repertoire of knowledge about this particular field.  Either way, telling everybody to delete their Google Analytics probably looked at him a bit questioningly.

In reality, his statement wasn’t to be taken literally, but with a grain of salt.  It was meant for everybody to think a bit.  Why do we blindly believe Google Analytics is the best thing in the SEO/Analytics world since sliced bread?  After all, everybody’s using it.  We shouldn’t question it because of that, right?

A question that comes up in an article written by  is, “Is Google Analytics actually harming your business?”  You may want to step back and and make sure you’re using Google Analytics for the right reasons.  If not, it could be doing more harm than good.

Is this really the case?  Check out Ben’s article on in the YouMoz section, or you can follow the link and check out the article.

YouMoz: Is Google Analytics Hurting your Business?