google-thumbWith Google Analytics (which is a new name we’ll be getting into a moment) is continuing to push toward the enterprise with the launch of Workspaces.  Workspaces is a collaborative feature that’s available in both Google Tag Manger and Tag Manager 360.

According to the announcment, Workspaces’ goal is to solve workflow challenges that many teams and agencies come face-to-face with when it comes to making and editing tags.

Workspaces give you more than one space to do your work. Teammates can now easily work on tags at the same time, or make quick changes without publishing everything that’s in the works. Simply create a new workspace, make your changes, and hit publish. Tags, triggers, and variables being worked on in other workspaces will remain unaffected.

The new workspaces are essentially places to work on sets of changes that will become versions. When a workspace is versioned or published, its name, notes and list of changes will be carried over to the version, so you have a full history of what’s changed in your container and when.

With Tag Manager, users will be told if tags are changed in a different workspace, and if that happens, they’ll get help being guided through the process of resolving conflicts that are created in that situation.

The functionality that workspaces brings is now available.  Tag Manager 360 gives customers the ability to created unlimited workspaces, and the regular version of Tag Manager allows users three workspaces per container.

Back in March, it was announced that Google Analytics was going to be given a slightly new name, and it looks like it’s finally been changed to reflect that bit of news.  By logging in, it’s possible that you saw that it’s now being called “Google Analytics Solutions.”



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