comScore released the July 2013 US search market share data earlier today.  The figures show that Google has seen some moderate growth, stasis for Bing and contraction for everyone else.

comShare 1

Google has gone up from last month from their 67 percent market share, while Bing hangs in there at just under 18 percent.  For Yahoo, they lost a tenth of a point.  AOL and Ask suffered the same.

Based on data from the same time a year ago, it looks like Google’s Share has remained pretty flat, which is around 66.8 and 67 percent.  Bing has gone up over 2 points, while the other three have all gone down.  The gain that Bing has gotten came at the expense of Yahoo and the other two.

Once the Search Alliance was announced four years ago, Bing had 8.9 percent of the search market, where Yahoo had more than twice that at 19.3 percent.  Together, they had a combined percentage of 28.2 of the market.  Since that time, Bing and Yahoo seem to have switched places.

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Currently, it looks like Google and Bing saw a gain of 1 percent in query volume, while Ask and AOL saw losses in query volume.  Overall, when you look at all of the search engines, the search queries for July where up to over 19.3 billion.

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