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Google-plus-logoYou love it or you hate it.  Google+ is another product of Google that gives users the ability to be social online.  The haters of Google+ say that the platform is certainly a bit limited in terms of its social function and online marketing potential.  Other’s would say nay, that is not true.  It’s simply another avenue for getting the word out about you and/or your company.

But, a few months back, Google quietly added a new features that many, including myself, had missed.  This feature is called the “Interactive” Google Post.

What is an interactive Google post?  According to Google Developers:

“Interactive posts allow users to bring people they care about to your app for a specific purpose. Users can send posts asking people to sign up, write a review, buy an item, check-in, listen, or whatever your app calls for. These interactive posts trigger notifications for recipients and show up in their Google+ streams.”

Bernadette Coleman wrote about the greatness that is the Google interactive post.  In the article, she discusses the features that can be found within Google’s interactive posts.

To read the full piece, follow the link to Bernadette’s article:

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