Google Announces Customer Match: Upload Email Lists For Search, Gmail, YouTube Ad Targeting

Google adwords There is something on the horizon for AdWords that is both quite anticipated and in-demand by its users.  Google is on the cusp of rolling out the ability to upload and target audiences build from advertisers email lists.

Customer Match is a feature that will allow advertisers bid and create ads tailored to customers segments in search, as well as YouTube Trueview ads and Gmail ads.

It’s even possible to upload email lists manually or through the API to AdWords.  Emails are matched against Google sign-in emails and anonymized.

Being able to set bids and create ad copy based on advertiser data on their customers is something that can be much more powerful than doing so based simply on site visitor behavior.

According to George Michie, Chief Marketing Scinentist for Merkle RKG, had this to say to Search Engine Land this spring when rumors of this new feature was first published:

“Browser behavioral targeting is a pretty crude tool – better than nothing, certainly – but pretty crude. The ability to fold in real customer insight, understanding all the brand’s interactions with a person online and offline going as far back in history as you want is a gigantic leap forward. Understanding which customers prefer to buy online or off, which physical location they prefer allows for a level of personalization we just haven’t had in the walled-garden of Google.”

The company will be announcing the new capability during Advertising Week in New York City during a presentation on Monday.

If you’d like to know more details about Customer Match and the additional Similar Audience targeting that will be rolling out, check out the full coverage on Marketing Land.

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