Did you ever think that Google Answers could get any better?  Well now they have!  Now, you’ll see in the Google Answer box in search results  a blue icon with hyperlinks to both third-party publishers, their own content, and more quick answers.

These icon basked links began showing up in the Google Answer box back in November 2014, but you’d only see them for queries that lead to Google’s help documentation.  Here’s an example if you did a search for 

[adwords negative keywords]:



Recently, Brent Nau noticed and posted on Twitter that Google is now showing this for third-party sites.  One of the searches he gave an example for was for WordPress.  In his example, he did a search for [wordpress download], and this is what comes up:



There are other queries that work with this new iteration of the Answer box, sort of like the  roll a dice easter egg.  if you do a search for  [love quotes], it’ll give you a random quote about love, and you’ll be able to click the “Try again” link and a new quote will come up.


I have tried several queries myself, and none of them have worked.  Perhaps giving Google time will allow more of these special Answers to pop up in search results in the future.

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