google-logo-feature-1030x686In a report from, a new update to the Google app is going to include new animations within Now on Tap, as well as the ability to change the color of the Google logo that appears above the stream of Google Now cards.

Users can change the standard colors of Google’s logo with a “finger painting-like” feature to display lighter colors and shades. said that the feature will apply to all devices with the 5.10 version of the Google app.  But, this could make it slow to load.

Users will notice an enlarged Google logo that occupies the fill width of their device. At first it is shown in its normal colors, but it will slowly fade into white. Whatever part of the logo a user taps will be filled with a splotch of color. Every touch changes the color and by the end users will have a uniquely colored Google logo.
– said that there will be new animations added to Now on Tap as well.  The spinning blue circle that is used as the search progress indicator will be replaced by new icons, such as a magnifying glass, eating utensils, a musical tune and other images related to search. said that the updates will roll out soon.

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