An update to the Google Assistant has been released that makes entertainment content more accessible to voice control.  The announcement was made on February 1, and it allows users to set alarms to play a favorite song, playlist or radio station instead of a noisy, unpleasant alarm sound.

It’s possible to invoke this by speaking, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 a.m. that plays [insert favorite musician].” This is optimized for Google Play Music but will work with other services as well (e.g., Pandora).

Another feature that was added by google is the ability to ask for TV show schedules using the Google Assistant  Users can set reminders so you can catch shows at a specific date and time  The Google Assistant can control TV programming as well.

All these updates are part of the ongoing feature race taking place between Google and Amazon Alexa, which announced it can send texts to Android phones.  These two companies are doing their best to stay ahead of Apple, who is planning to sell the HomePod next Friday.


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