Google announced that the search engine has expanded the Google Assistant software development kit to support additional languages.  Now, Developers can bring Google Assistant applications to more people.  Google Assistant now supports these languages and regions – English Australia, English Canada, English UK, English US, French Canadian, French France, German and Japanese.

Having a lack of support for languages can impede development on any platform can be bad.  It can be difficult to find ways around language barriers.  The difficulty is having the Google Assistant APIs understand the language or regional language dialects and respond with a proper answer. Bringing more support for additional languages and regions can help Google expand the ecosystem of the Google Assistant platform.

Some of the other improvements that have been made to the Google Assistant SDK includes more customized settings, including changing the device’s language, location and nickname and enabling personalized results. The API now also supports text-based queries and responses. Developers will also be able to utilize the new Device Action functionality to build Actions directly into your Assistant-enabled SDK devices. Also, new APIs allow developers to register, unregister and see all devices that you have registered for better device management support.

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