Google Assistant’s ‘Confirm With Voice Match’ Gives New Meaning To ‘Contactless Payments’

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A new “confirm with voice match” payments feature has been introduced into Google Assistant for smart speakers and displays.

This feature can be enabled on an iPhone by opening the Home app. You then tap your image in the upper right and then select assistant settings, then choose payments and toggle on the “confirm with voice search match” option. After that you’ll see the screens below introducint the feature.

Supported by an existing credit card on file, you can confirm with voice match is apparently not available for all purchases. Google won’t indicate the purchase categories or limits that are tied to capability. On a support page, Google says, “When you authorize payments with Voice Match, you can make purchases with your Google Assistant, like in-action upgrades through Google Play digital goods . . . What you can purchase with Voice Match might change depending on the good or service.”

This vagueness on Google’s part suggests that the feature is experimental for the company. Being able to make purchases using a smart speaker or display is still in the minority for most people these days.

SourceGreg Sterling

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