According to an article that appeared in GeekWire, Google will pause state and local political ads in Washington state.  This action is in response to a new campaign finance law that requires near “real-time disclosure of detailed information about election ads in response to public records requests.”

This is what Google had to say in its AdWords policy update:

Starting June 7th, 2018, ads related to ballot measures and state and local elections in the state of Washington, U.S.A., will not be accepted. Notifications will be sent to affected advertisers, and the Political content policy page will be updated on June 6th.

Currently, Google doesn’t feel it is able to comply with the new rules and is not running the ads.  LinkedIn also made a similar decision, but in this case, globally.  Now, its policy reads: “Political ads are prohibited, including ads advocating for or against a particular candidate or ballot proposition, or otherwise intended to influence an election outcome.”

Bing, in general, doesn’t allow ads with “political and religious content.”

The Washington state law, mandating new political ad disclosures and transparency requirements, is an effort to:

[S]implify the political reporting and enforcement process without sacrificing transparency and the public’s right to know who funds political campaigns. The legislature also intends to expedite the public disclosure commission’s enforcement procedures so that remedial campaign finance violations can be dealt with administratively.

All this is happening due to the “fake news” and election manipulation by outside and dark-money groups.  These new Washington state rules is requiring information about geotargeting, audience targeting and impressions, among other data.  The data must be contemporaneously available upon request.

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