Google’s AdMob is being upgraded its reporting an analytics for mobile publishers and developers. A new API is being rolled out, which provides publishers with more accurate insights into user behavior, ad performance and revenue.

From within the AdMob dashboard, users can see metrics like estimated earnings in a more granular way:

  • By App
  • Ad unit
  • Format
  • Country

Graphs will be more interactive and allow for two metric data comparisons as well, such as impressions and RPM (revenue per thousand) in individual charts.

The initial App Overview dashboard is going to offer more detailed insights, such as active users, ad exposures per session, session duration, ARPU and retention.

Revenue reporting will have in-app purchases and subscriptions included. In app purchase, the only thing available is revenue for iOS for the time being. This will be available for for Android soon. AdMob is presenting earnings data from programmatic inventory and data on engagement with Rewarded Ads.

Rewarded Ad units will provide “rewards,” such as video ads and playable ads surveys, for engaging with different content. They can only be served after the users explicitly indicates interest in seeing or interacting with a Rewarded Ad unit.

In order to get access to the new AdMob analytics capabilities, you need to update to the new SDK (Android SDK 18.1.0 or later, iOS SDK 7.44 or later), then logg in to enable the new reporting.

SourceGreg Sterling